Author's note: Cody was born Cooper. He changed his name in an attempt to leave his past behind him.                                                                 “Cooper, what happened?” Julianne ran for him as soon as he came in the front door. “It’s nothing,” he tried to brush past her but she would have none of that. “Don't... Continue Reading →

Bridget & Kip 2

Fresh air.  The air always smelled fresher, better when I went through that revolving door on Friday. Nevermind that the air was polluted with exhaust from transit buses and yellow taxis.  On Fridays, it smelled like freedom.  It smelled like the sweet lack of over-processed skyscraper air.  The absence of suits and ties  and stockings... Continue Reading →

UNFINISHED – Origin Stories

Every writer I know has a closet full of ideas that were never finished, characters never developed, stories never resolved. If you've had the chance to read, UNFINISHED, you know that Mirabelle's unfinished characters come to life and request she finish their stories. Many of those characters are from my own closet full of incomplete novels.... Continue Reading →

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