UNFINISHED – Origin Stories

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Every writer I know has a closet full of ideas that were never finished, characters never developed, stories never resolved. If you’ve had the chance to read, UNFINISHED, you know that Mirabelle’s unfinished characters come to life and request she finish their stories. Many of those characters are from my own closet full of incomplete novels.

It was incredibly cathartic for me to revisit some of these old characters, and remember why I wrote them and where I was in my life when I wrote them. And how much I have changed since then. Some of these stories are more unfinished than others and while they’re not quite polished, they are interesting companion pieces to UNFINISHED.

I wanted to share Bridget and Kip’s origin story first because in many ways it’s my own origin story. Bridget’s story started just like mine: taking a job I didn’t want in order to support myself. I lasted eighteen months, crying at my desk, hating every day.  It took me until now to write some of those experiences down.

Starting next week, I will begin posting excerpts from Bridget and Kip. Other characters will follow. If you’ve read UNFINISHED and have any requests for which characters you’d like to learn more about next, leave comments below.

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