Still Unfinished


About a year ago, I promised to post Origin Stories of some my characters from Unfinished.  

I did post a couple, but then I stopped. I neglected this blog. I neglected my origin stories. I made a littany of excuses that would make Mirabelle proud.

Being a published author was new to me. I struggled with self-promotion. I was surprised by promises unfulfilled. I had difficulty balancing work-work, author-work, and actual writing-work.

In the end, I decided that what was more important to me than selling more books was simply writing more books. I have two works in progress and have committed myself to finishing at least one of them before starting another story. Somedays I think I will be done by Christmas. Sometimes not until next summer.

Sometimes I think there will always be something unfinished.

Anyway, my very next post will feature Unfinished’s most popular character, Cody. Check back very soon!

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